Let's say someone has done you harm. Maybe they've overcharged you, misled you in some way, or did something particularly unfair. You have a complaint against them, but you don't have the time to get involved. Lawyers in this case are no good: they're too expensive for you to try and claim a few hundred quid, or even a grand.

Well, that sucks. We can try and fix it though. We do all we can to resolve your complaint (going as far as court action against the other side, if needed). You never have to go to court: we do everything.

You can choose to get paid upfront, or wait and get paid more if we can recover anything.

We can only run complaints that are worth money in some way (that's how we get paid – a part of the winnings).

To begin just submit the form (click here) and we'll review if your complaint is worth any money.

You make money and get to stick it to the bad guy. You can choose to get a guaranteed payment immediately, or instead can 'wait it out' and get paid a higher amount if the complaint goes anywhere.

As we don't charge per hour (as lawyers do), there's no risk.

  • You have evidence to back up what you say
  • The other side has some money to pay up
  • Your complaint is worth at least £100
  • Try your best to include all relevant information, but keep it short: cut out irrelevant information

After contacting us, we will take a look at your problem. Not all complaints are 'good' and many of them we can't do anything with: we'll let you know after taking a look.

We may ask a few follow up questions if some answers are missing. If it looks good, we'll then get back to you and offer you (usually) a choice between immediate cash, or a higher amount dependent upon the complaint getting wrapped up.

Have a question? Get in contact here

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